Tropical Black Tea Bags - Pineapple & Mango Infused

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Bahari Kenyan Tropical Pineapple + Mango Black Tea, carefully nurtured in the fertile soils at the foothills of Mount Kenya. Relax yourself in the exotic flavors of our specialty blend which combines the richness of Kenyan black tea with the vibrant infusion of mango and pineapple, creating a tropical oasis in every cup.

* Antioxidant Power House and Non-GMO 
* All natural loose-leaf tea and no preservatives
* Handpicked from Mt. Kenya Tea Farm
* Pure Plant based
* Drink Hot or Cold

The perfect balance of flavors with our aromatic tropical tea, designed to refresh your senses whether enjoyed hot or cold. Perfect for summer sipping or any time you crave a taste of paradise!