Our Story

Embark on an amazing adventure with Bahari Teas – a family-owned business born out of our deep love for Kenya. As young local entrepreneurs, we take immense pride in our country's culture and sought to share its treasures with the world through our remarkable teas. It all began with a conversation about specialty tea that ignited our curiosity. Driven by passion and a shared vision, we founded Bahari Teas – a testament to our commitment to Kenya and its offerings. With precise care and culinary artistry, we crafted teas that celebrate Kenya's tea culture. Enjoy the symphony of flavors in every cup with us, and discover the proud, passionate, and positive essence of our family-owned brand. Elevate your tea-drinking moments to new heights of exclusivity with Bahari Teas.

Kenya's Heritage

At Bahari Teas, each sip is an invitation to experience the warmth and authenticity of Kenya straight from the sprawling tea plantations that inspire us.
Bahari Teas is proud to offer an exclusive tea selection that captures the essence of Kenya's storied past.
With favorable climates and unique seasonal variations, Kenyan soil has long been renowned as some of the richest in the world - providing a prime environment for growing vibrant teas with traditional harvesting techniques passed down through generations.


Take a much-needed pause with Bahari Teas! An exquisite blend of invigorating antioxidants and delectable aromas, this calming brew offers you the perfect opportunity to unwind. Enjoy all the physical benefits while relishing in tranquility - let yourself be swept away by its soothing effects!

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The Famed Purple Tea

Unlock the abundant health benefits of Bahari Purple Tea! This unique tea is full of antioxidants, creating a stunningly beautiful cup you can enjoy daily. With an exquisite hue that's pleasing to the eye as well as nutritious for the body, it'll make an excellent addition to any daily routine.

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A New Way "To Tea"

Delight yourself in our exquisite selection of teas and experience an extraordinary tea journey like no other. Our expertly crafted blends combine traditional techniques with exciting new flavors for a unique taste - all with a truly inspired passion.
Exceptional quality meets exceptional taste; Indulge in Bahari's unique world and discover a new way to tea.

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The Orthodox Method

The orthodox method results in teas with robust and nuanced tastes and aromas, which are key to the Bahari brand. 

After being carefully selected, the leaves are dried and massaged by hand before being combined with dried flowers and fruits to produce Bahari's unique teas while preserving all of its natural nutrients.

One Farm, One Community

We source from a single farm owned by passionate farmers who are empowered to improve their communities.

We believe that their hard work and passion are a big part of the Bahari teas brand journey, and we are committed to work with them to improve their community, all while working toward more ethical sourcing.