Our Story and Kenya's Heritage

Our story began in the heartland of Kenya, where we, passionate local entrepreneurs were determined to honor our beloved homeland. We fell in love with real leaf teas that embody the soul of Kenya, and the idea for Bahari Teas was born - a testament to our unwavering quest for excellence.

Bahari Teas is proud to offer an exclusive tea selection that captures the essence of Kenya's storied past. With favorable climates and unique seasonal variations, Kenyan soil has long been renowned as some of the richest in the world - providing a prime environment for growing vibrant teas with traditional harvesting techniques passed down through generations.

And it all started with a single farm where the tea plants thrive under the perfect conditions. Our teas are true reflections of the heritage of Kenya, our homeland, offering a harmonious symphony of flavors crafted to transport you to the vast tea plantations.

Antioxidant Powerhouse

Our beverages are not only Non-GMO and all-natural, but they're also naturally rich in antioxidants sourced from Kenyan purple and black loose-leaf tea.

Due to an ideal climate for farming and growing tea, Kenyan tea naturally contain more antioxidants than teas grown in other parts of the world.

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Value-added Loose Tea

Our hand-picked, minimally processed teas are delicately placed inside a tea bag.

This commitment to quality ensures that our bagged tea offers the rich and nuanced flavors of loose-leaf varieties, something that's not common in the industry.

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A New Way "To Tea"

Delight yourself in our exquisite selection of teas and experience an extraordinary tea journey like no other.

Our expertly crafted blends combine traditional techniques with exciting new flavors for a unique taste - all with a truly inspired passion.

Exceptional quality meets exceptional taste; Indulge in Bahari's unique world and discover a new way to tea.

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Taste is our utmost priority. We select the finest ingredients to create the tastiest, freshly brewed products.

From the source to your cup, we're dedicated to deliver an exceptional flavor experience.

Hot or Cold, Your Way

Our range caters to your preferences.

Enjoy our products hot or cold; we offer both brewed and ready to-drink options, so you can savor our flavors exactly as you like.