Premium Green Tea - Fresh Bright, Brisk

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Taste the natural goodness of Bahari Kenyan Green Tea – a refreshing blend that uplifts and energizes, handpicked for your enjoyment. Sourced from the lush soils at the foothills of Mount Kenya, each leaf carries the essence of Africa's heritage and tradition, delivering a brisk and refreshing experience without any bitterness.

* Antioxidant Power House and Non-GMO 
* All natural loose-leaf tea and no preservatives
* Handpicked from Mt. Kenya Tea Farm
* Pure Plant based
* Drink Hot or Cold 

This antioxidant-rich herbal tea delivers a top-quality infusion that revitalizes your senses, making it the perfect choice for any time of day. Enjoy a refreshing, healthful beverage that seamlessly fits into your daily routine.