Iced Black Tea Canned Drink - Tomato & Basil

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Our Kenyan Farmer's Mocktail Iced Black Tea is a delightful blend of robust Kenyan black tea with savory hints of tomato and basil.

This canned beverage provides a refreshing and unique take on iced tea, perfect for any occasion. Whether served as a cold brew or chilled tea, it offers a refreshing and unexpected twist on traditional iced tea, making it an ideal choice for summer enjoyment.

* Antioxidant Power House, Non-GMO and all natural loose-leaf tea
* Freshly Brewed and no preservatives
* Handpicked from Mt. Kenya Tea Farm
* Pure Plant based 
* Case of 12, 8.4 oz can

Perfect for parties and get-togethers, this herbal party drink adds a touch of sophistication to your refreshment options. Savor the bold and complex flavors of our Farmer's Mocktail iced tea, expertly crafted for a refreshing and invigorating experience. It’s great for quenching your thirst and impressing your guests.