Iced Black Tea Canned Drink - Peach

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Grab a refreshing Bahari Kenyan Peach Iced Black Tea. This thirst quencher blends bold Kenyan black tea with the sweet and tangy essence of peach juice. Perfect for any occasion, this canned drink offers a standout summer refreshment. Whether you prefer it cold or chilled, every sip delivers a burst of flavor.

* Antioxidant Power House, Non-GMO and all natural loose-leaf tea
* Freshly Brewed and no preservatives
* Handpicked from Mt. Kenya Tea Farm
* Pure Plant based 
* Case of 12, 250ml/ 8.4oz can

Ideal for parties and gatherings, Bahari Kenyan Peach Iced Black Tea is more than just a beverage – it's a premium herbal party drink that offers pure refreshment. This canned iced tea, made from high-quality Kenyan black tea and natural peach juice, is crafted for those who appreciate a flavorful and invigorating drink.