Earl Grey Black Tea Bags - Bergamot Infused

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Bahari Kenyan Earl Grey Black Tea, a premium blend meticulously crafted with the cultural essence of Africa. Handpicked from the fertile soils of Mount Kenya, this high-quality black tea boasts a rich aroma and robust flavor, perfect for discerning tea enthusiasts. Infused with the invigorating essence of Bergamot, our Earl Grey blend offers a sharp and satisfying experience that can be enjoyed hot or cold.

* Antioxidant Power House and Non-GMO 
* All natural loose-leaf tea and no preservatives
* Handpicked from Mt. Kenya Tea Farm
* Pure Plant based
* Drink Hot or Cold 

Each leaf tells a story of tradition and excellence, ensuring a wholesome indulgence free from GMOs and preservatives. With its antioxidant power and rich caffeine content, Bahari Kenyan Earl Grey Black Tea is a testament to the authentic taste of Africa.